Second Republic (since 1945)

Dr. Ernst Koref was named provisional mayor by the American military government on the 7th May 1945. A provisional city council met on the 15th May, whose members had also been selected by the military government. The first elections of the Second Republic took place on the 25th November 1945, comprising of joint national and regional elections. Their result was also used as a reference point for the composition of the city council.
In the years between 1945 and 1955 Urfahr had its own mayor, Ferdinand Markl, named by the Soviet occupation forces. After January 1946 he was also a member of the Linz city government.
In 1948 the local statute of 1931 was re-introduced, which was replaced by a new statute in 1965. Today's local representation is based on the statute of the city of Linz from 1992. The direct election of the city's mayor was introduced in 1996, and first carried out in 1997.