Remit of the Archives of the City of Linz

The Archives of the City of Linz evaluates the documentation of the city's services in view of their importance for the administration and for future historical study. The most important documents are kept permanently and are available for research. After a restricted period (usually 30 years) they are available to be viewed by anyone. The City Archives is also responsible for archiving for the city corporation. It decides which of its documents should be kept or destroyed.

Material concerning societies, companies and important people are collected to document the city's history. City development and events in Linz are continually documented.

The archives´ employees answer all enquiries regarding the city's history. The archives carries out academic research on the history of Linz and arranges for the distribution of the results, for example in publications, exhibitions, lectures, its own video productions and in the internet.

Activities and Services

  • Evaluating, safekeeping, preservation, indexing and academic editing of the documentation of the Linz municipality
  • Setting up guidelines for archiving documents (including digital data) in the domain of the Linz municipality and responsibility for carrying out the archiving
  • Safekeeping of the Linz municipality's legal documents
  • Storing collections concerning general and city history, as well as documentation concerning Linz, and making them available
  • Making films for security and supplementary purposes as well as digitising the contents of the archive
  • Producing videos on the history of the city
  • Answering internal and external enquiries concerning the archive holdings
  • Supervising and carrying out academic research in the area of general and comparative history as well as the history of the city of Linz 
  • Supervising and supporting family tree and local researchers