The contents of the Archives of the City of Linz

The Archives of the City of Linz has its beginnings in the end of the 14th century. The oldest materials in the archives are the around 600 documents from the Middle Ages and Early Modern period from 1298 onwards as well as the old records and manuscripts (from the 16th century on), which were damaged in the 19th century.

Today 90 per cent of the archive's stock consists of 20th century administration files. Besides the records the archives also contain a comprehensive library as well as audiovisual media on the history of the city of Linz. The stock currently takes up more than 10,000 metres of shelf space.

The remit of the city archives and access to its contents are regulated by the Upper Austrian law on archives and the City of Linz's ordinance on archiving. Research on the city's history is presented in the archives´ own publications.