National Socialism - Discourse in Linz, 60th Anniversary of the Second Republic

Cover of National Socialism - Discourse in Linz. 60th anniversary of the Second Republic

Publ. by Walter Schuster, Anneliese Schweiger and Maximilian Schimböck
with collaboration by Markus Altrichter, Cornelia Daurer and Renate Matt

Linz 2005, ISBN 3-900388-84-9
216 pages, 270 Illustrations, € 30

This volume describes the cultural memory of national socialism in the second republic with the City of Linz as a case study. The altered view of victims, perpetrators and followers of Nazi rule is shown in political actions, monuments and memorial plaques, exhibitions, publications, and much more.

This illustrated book is available from the archive of the City of Linz, in bookshops and online at the Linz Shop